About the PAC

The Weyerhaeuser Political Action Committee, is a non-partisan committee made up of eligible Weyerhaeuser employees how have gathered together to promote a political environment that supports our company’s policy needs. Federal law prohibits corporations from contributing to Federal candidates, so like all corporate PACs, Weyerhaeuser PAC is supported by the voluntary contributions of eligible Weyerhaeuser employees.

What is a PAC?
A Political Action Committee is a way individuals with a common interest are able to pull together resources to help support or oppose a political candidate for office or ballot initiative.

What is Weyerhaeuser PAC?
Weyerhaeuser PAC is a political action committee for eligible Weyerhaeuser employees. Weyerhaeuser PAC seeks to promote the opportunities for our company to succeed.

Who can Join Weyerhaeuser PAC?
Weyerhaeuser is a voluntary program, which by law is open to certain employees. If you are eligible to join, click on this link and log in. If you are able to do so then you are eligible.

What does Weyerhaeuser PAC do with the money it raises.
Weyerhaeuser PAC contributes to candidate of both parties who represent Weyerhaeuser communities or support public policy objectives that help Weyerhaeuser grow and thrive. Weyerhaeuser PAC contributions are directed by the Weyerhaeuser PAC board, which represents all aspects of our company. You can track the actions of Weyerhaeuser PAC on this website or via the federal elections commission

What else can I do to help Weyerhaeuser and Weyerhaeuser PAC?
You can take action on current or future action alerts, or review some of the important advocacy tool that will help you have more effective communications with elected officials.

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