Your Involvement is important: Speak Up and Be Heard!

Reach out to the Weyerhaeuser PAC team for Election Resources, Election Central information and more!

The following are ways you can become more involved in the political process and ensure your voice is heard on the issues that matter to your company, your colleagues and your community.

  1. Register to Vote
    Make certain that your registration is up-to-date with your current address.

  2. Vote in Every Election
    Vote in federal, state, local, municiple, school board, special elections and primaries. They are all importing to shaping the world in which you live!

  3. Volunteer Your Time.
    Candidates for elected office cannot succeed by themselves. They rely on volunteers to help in their campaign office or with door-to-door communications. Simply contact a candidate’s campaign office in your locality and tell them you would like to volunteer. They will appreciate your help.

  4. Learn More About Your Elected Representatives.
    Do you know where all your legislators stand on the issues important to Weyerhaeuser? What about your state legislators? These are important questions and are critical to your involvement in the legislative process. Visit your legislators’ websites frequently and stay informed on recent local and national news on the issues. Being informed is your best asset!

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